is a photographer trained both in the US and in Hungary. He holds a Bachelor’s and an Associate’s Degree in Photography. He has over ten years experience in the industry having worked in big movie productions like Martian, Spy, Dune or on fashion shoots for Glamour, Elle or Playboy magazine and was assistant to world renowned photographers from all over the globe like Rankin, Nino Munoz, Sebastian Kim and Jorge Alvarino. His expertise is lighting and digital, giving creative input with a keen eye for minute details. He is a fast learner with a solution driven personality. Expert knowledge of ProFoto, Broncolor lighting and continuous light equipment. CaptureOne, Lightroom, Phocus software.


is a photographer who graduated from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. In the last ten years he has mastered his skill in photography and lighting. Working in big movie productions like Martian, Dune, Robin Hood, Blade Runner 2 and with prestigious photographers such as Pieter Hugo, Tim Palen, Jason Bell and Kurt Iswarienko has given him the experience that makes him a solid member in any major production crew. He is an expert using ProFoto, Broncolor, Manfrotto lighting equipment. CaptureOne, Lightroom, Phocus software and continuous lighting equipment.


Being the two longest working photo assistants in Hungary, over the years we have experienced all kinds of production environments working in movie productions, in photography studios and other productions in Hungary gaining first hand experience on what works in a production and seeing what works out and what doesn’t. We have worked together and individually in big film, advertising and fashion shoots ranging from catalog, cover, editorial and film advertising shoots seeing what could be done better from an organisational standpoint as well as from a technical and logistical aspect. Over time we became convinced that working as a team we could create a production company that would address all the problems we faced working for big studios and individual productions alike. So after working individually for long years with the biggest names in photography and film we decided to create LIGHTHOUSE to concentrate our professional know-how and experience to provide a world class photo production service.

What we learned through working with over 80 different types of clients is that the requirements are always to a high standard and what this calls for is a problem solving mentality that results in managing arising problems without complaints. We realise that coming from a foreign country to do a photo shoot poses its own challenges but through our accumulated wealth of knowledge we are confident that we can accommodate every need.


Once we receive your request we prepare a production plan and we present our suggested workflow as per your production needs.

After cross-checking with you based on the above we prepare a quote.

We get in touch with the photographer and the producer and together we work out the technical needs of your production to your budget. We suggest other industry professionals if needed.

A few weeks before production or as soon as possible we finalise all equipment, personnel and other requests.

After having a thoroughly checked list we start all logistical processes to have everything available on site at the start date of production.

Once production starts we personally are on site accommodating every arising need together with our backing staff until production ends.


Have a look at our references and who we have worked with.


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